Essential Items To Have In Your Dog First Aid Kit

What to Do if Your Pet Has Fleas or Ticks

How to Recognize when Your Pet Is in Pain

Things Your Pet Could Be Allergic to

Trupanion launches Trupanion Express

Cats and Ticks

Do you have a plan if your dog gets lost?

End of life decision making

Bloat -- what you need to know

Common Anal Gland Issues

The Danger of Essential Oils

Oral Care For Your Furry Friend

Convenient Cat Carriers and Cat Carrier tips

Questions to ask when considering pet insurance

Litterbox Problems

Christmas Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

Litterbox training tips

To our Valued Clients – with the recent higher incidence of leptospirosis we wish to share some information.

What does an RVT really do?

Getting to know your vet team

Stenotic Nares - A concern for Brachycephalic (Short-nosed) Pets

Why Chocolate Can Cause Chocolate Toxicity

Why I love the app

Body Conditioning

What we want you to know about fees

Remembering Doctor Ainslie—Practices Closed on July 27th

Ask Dr. Kendall: Grumbly Stomach in Dogs

Ask Dr. Kendall: Dog Insurance Costs

Ask Dr. Kendall: Cataracts in Dogs

Let's talk about ticks, baby

Ask Dr. Kendall: Diagnosing dental or sinus issues in dogs

Dr Charlotte Ramey

We are thrilled to announce Reading for Rover!

Ask Dr. Kendall: Stuvite stones in dogs

Five Keys to a Healthy Pet

Ask Dr. Kendall: Cat Mats and Dandruff

Ask Dr. Kendall: Cats Obsessively Scratching Themselves

Looking for a running buddy? These breeds make the best partners

Ask Dr. Kendall: Managing Feline IBS

Benefits of Pet Insurance

Who’s going to care for your pet after you are gone?

Ask Dr. Kendall: Treatment for Cats with Fleas

Hazards of Spring

Pet Diabetes

Resources for Pet Care

5 Common Human Medications That are Dangerous to Pets

Ways to Tell If Your Cat Is Sick

11 Simple Hacks that’ll Make Any Dog Owner’s Life Easier

Fireworks and your Pet's Safety

Ask Dr. Kendall: Fur Balls in Cats

Could Your Pet Be Over or Underweight? Find out Today and Save Him/Her from Potential Health

Plan ahead for your smoothest Veterinary Visit yet!

Ask Dr. Kendall: Asthma in Cats

Ask Dr. Kendall: Cats licking plastic

Flea and tick products for your dog

Heartworm: What you need to know

Ask Dr. Kendall: Barking due to Separation Anxiety

Dr. Suzette Dibblee

Travelling with your dog

Making a cat carrier cat-friendly

November: National Pet Cancer Awareness month

Finding Chance – A Reunion Story

Halloween is just around the corner!

What You Need To Know About Feline Idiopathic Cystitis or a Bladder Problem

Highest and Lowest Maintenance Pets

Options for Bathing your dog

Urine Marking Feline or Canine

Top Benefits of a AAHA Hospital

Certified Feline Friendly

How to Get Your Leash Aggressive Dog to Be Calm

Exotic Pets

Know your pets normal

Safe lawn and garden chemicals for your pet

Local fun things to do with your dog this summer!

Why Off-Leash Parks Are Good For the Community

Dog Soft Tissue Injuries

Adrenal disease in Ferrets

Caring for a Pet Rat: What You Need To Know

What Egg Binding is and How to Spot It

Polydactyl cats- felines with extra toes

Dental Care -- why it matters, what you need to know

Caring for a Pet Rat: What You Need To Know

Interactive Cat Feeders

Prevent Pet Poisoning

Understanding Pet insurance

Hazards of Winter

Tasty Ways to Protect Your Pet’s Teeth

Doing Our Best for our Fine Feathered Friends

Dental Care -- why it matters, what you need to know

Your Pet's Loss of Appetite Can Be Caused by Dental disease

TPLO Surgery

What your vet needs to know… tips for effectively communicating with your vet

We now have an app!


5 things you can do to keep you cat healthy

TPLO Surgery what you need to know

Understanding the Importance of Pet Medications

Emergency Care when you need it

Financing your Pet Care

T’is the Season…

Grieving a Pet? Helpful resources

The Importance of Metro Animal Emergency Clinic

Teaching Kids to Care for Pets - Whether It Is A Cat Dog Fish or Bird

Independently owned and operated for more than 60 years

Preventing Pet Poisoning

What to look for when choosing an animal hospital

Pocket Pets

What parents need to know about cats and children

Nova Scotia Tightens Animal Protection Rules

The Importance of Spay and Neuter

The Benefits and Use of Pet Ultra Sound

Tips for administering pet medication

How to say I love you without food

Supporting Co-op Education

Adopt a senior pet

Autumn and ticks: What you need to know

Feline Friendly Practice

Hurricane Preparedness for your Pet

Husbandry -- Your Vet knows that too!

Benefits of Grooming your Pet

A Community of Care

Harmful Pet Home Remedies

Mark your calendar -- Just For Cats Video Festival

Some of the reasons owning a dog will improve your life

Victoria Barks: Dogs in the Park... some photos from the day

How to ensure you are bringing home a healthy dog or cat

Labs in the Lab

Diesel's Surgery-- more photos from today

Diesel in Recovery -- what a trooper!

Diesel's Surgery -- Ligament repair.

Follow Diesel's surgery at Fairview Animal Hospital Tomorrow

Join our Team -- full-time client relations position.

Our Position on Declawing Cats

Amanda Mullins and Henry on CTV this morning

Dr. Ross Ainslie on Global Morning News!

Friday June 20th is Take Your Dog to Work Day

What you need to know about Zoonosis and Zoonotic Parasites

The dangers of over the counter flea medication

Have you heard about the Blood Donor Program?

May is Pet Cancer Awareness month for the American Veterinary Medical association.

How Much is that Doggy in the Window?

Saying good bye is the hardest thing.

Annual pet care costs and home prep for a new pet!

Halifax Veterinarians and Metro Animal Emergency Clinic

Veterinary CSI sniffs out the bad guys.

Don’t weight for summer

Early detection packages at Halifax Vets

Handy pet apps to have on your smartphone

Bring on the spring weather but beware!

Fleas and ticks once again

Caring for your pet rabbit

Veterinary technician at a veterinary hospital

Tips for getting your cat to the vet

Possible Salmonella Contamination. Pet Food Recall

February is Dental Health Month!

International travelling with your pets

CPR could save your pets life

DEFENSOR® rabies tags revolutionize pet safety

The Importance of Husbandry (Exotic Animal Care)

Meeting Your Pet's Nutrition Needs

Ear problems in dogs

Holiday Pet Hazards

Special Visit at Fairview Animal Hospital

An Unexpected Diagnosis

Gastropexy in large breed dogs

Is my pet a healthy weight

Preparing for a Pet's End of Life

Kitten proofing the house

The Importance of Emergency Vet Care

The Cost of a Free Cat

November is Diabetes Awareness Month

Important Update on Pet Food Recall

An update on Tripawd

The Cost of Vet Care

Kennel Cough and the Importance of Vaccines

Help Your Family Pet Stay Healthy with Preventive Medicine

Care for more than Fido and Fluffy

What you need to know about your pet's oral health

October is Pet Insurance Month

Our dear Friend Freddy turns 10 on October 1st!

Help these cats find Forever homes!

Confused About Pet Food? You're Not Alone. Maybe This Will Help.

Why Get A Diet Recommendation From Your Veterinarian

Pet weight management

What Should I Know Before Choosing A Pet Food

The Truth About Corn

Household Foods That Your Dog Or Cat Shouldn't Have

What Should I Know Before Choosing A Pet Food

We are Hiring a Registered Veterinary Technician

A Special Day at Fairview Animal Hospital

Care for your dog or cat and the Dangers of summer heat

Signs of animal vision trouble

Cat care options while you're away

Tips for travelling with your pets

Recommended Dog Trainers

How to Choose a Dog Trainer

Why your pet deserves pain free care

Dog Care after a porcupine encounter

It's Bring your Dog to Work Day

Join Our Team -- We are Hiring

The Trouble with Punishment, Dominance and Force when Interacting with your Pet.

Establishing a Cat Friendly Practice

Halifax Veterinary Hospital IWK cheque Presentation

Our Policy Against Declawing Cats

A special moment at Spryfiled Animal Hospital

Emergency Care for your pet -- before you get to the veterinarian

Halifax Vets donates $250 to help 50 Cats Seized from a Hording Situation

Blocked Cats -- What you need to know

Common Dog Skin Issues

It's Tick Season... what you need to know

The Importance of Pet Vaccines

Why Indoor Cats Need Regular Vet Care too

Halifax Dog Resources

Common Pet Opthalmology Issues and Treatment Options

Moving On: When to Take Your Training to the Next Level

Pets have allergies too. What you need to know about Pet Food Allergies

Easy Ways to Mentally Challenge your Dog!

Enthusiastic Canines: Victory Runs: The Ultimate Reward

Enthusiastic Canines Part Three Impulse Control: Advanced Exercises

Enthusiastic Canines Part Two- Impulse Control: Beginner Exercises

Enthusiastic Canines Part 1 -- Impulse Control: a life saving skill

Why should I have pet insurance? Convince me…..

The Big C: It Shouldn't Just Stand for Cancer

How Frequently Should you Take your Dog to the Veterinarian?

Comparing Veterinary Costs

The Best in Veterinary Care—AAHA Accreditation

Things to Consider When Choosing an Animal Hospital