Emergency Care when you need it

Posted by Halifax Veterinary Hospital Blogging Team on Sat, Aug 08, 2015 @ 01:56 PM

The Halifax Veterinary Hospital opened in 1939 and has, since then, been committed to the finest in animal CSMetroAnimalEmergencymedical care.  Our staff offers over 95 years of experience, collectively.  An accredited member of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), our hospital and staff are held to the highest standards of care.   In addition to being experts in veterinarian medical, surgical and dental care, we are pet owners ourselves.  When your animals come into our care, we will treat them like our own. 

Our group of vets are in a joint venture with the Metro Emergency Clinic, forming a partnership to make access to high-quality emergency services possible.  The nature of this relationship means that through this partnership we can offer you medical care 24 hours a day.  Pet owners are billed for the services they need and not for doctors and vet techs sitting around not working.  This way, we can make sure your pet receives the finest care possible without the owner having to worry about bloated medical costs. 

This partnership will allow seamless quality care for animals between the Halifax Veterinary Hospital and the Metro Emergency Clinic, giving you peace of mind.  While a patient, your pet will receive monitoring by vet techs and para-professionals.  Other veterinary hospitals refer emergencies to the Metro clinic because of the amazing staff.  Your pet will be cared for until s/he can be released to either your care or your regular veterinary office.

The Best Care and Equipment for your Beloved Animals

This joint venture means that animals treated at the Halifax Veterinarian Hospital can have access to the best emergency facilities and equipment for when the emergencies happens.  We can offer:

  • Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Surgery Suite
  • Critical Care
  • Blood Donation
  • Isolation Unit
  •  ... and more.

Compassionate and Efficient Care

When your pet needs immediate care, the metro emergency animal clinic is available to all our patients with seamless care when we reopen. 

When an animal is suffering an emergency and the owner brings them to the hospital, we begin a well organized process to admit and provide care to the animal in communication with your regular veterinarian and emergency staff.  When brought in, your pet will receive compassionate care including evaluation, treatment, and, if necessary, medication.  We can also provide the appropriate veterinary insurance claim forms, if needed. 

Emergency Care When You Need It

A medical emergency is traumatic for both the animal and the owners.  The professional and dedicated staff at Metro Animal Emergency Clinic in partnership with the Halifax Veterinary Hospital are here to provide the highest level care with the least amount of stress to you and your pet.  You and your pet well be well cared for and supported.  Your pet's health, and your peace of mind, can be found here.