Oral Care For Your Furry Friend

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Dental_Care_banner.jpgIf you have a veterinarian and they have told you that your pet needed teeth cleaning, you might be wondering if this is actually necessary. I mean, they’re just animals, right? Wrong! Chances are like many other people that have pets, yours isn’t just some animal, its an extension of the family. This might be an animal that you spend time with every day, it might be a pet that you have had since it was a baby. You want them to not only be loved and taken care of but healthy, happy and alive for as long as possible too. This can only be done if you take care of their health from day 1. One of the best ways to go about that is to visit a veterinarian for dental care.

Dental Cleanings For Pets

Pets like cats and dogs will often need to get their teeth cleaned. It works the same way human cleanings work. The cleanings not only help and prevent conditions such as gum disease, periodontal disease, and other oral issues but it, in turn, helps keep your dog happy and healthy. Diseases like gum disease can actually hurt your pets internal organs and lead to more serious issues down the line.

Periodontal Diseases

Periodontal diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis revolve around plaque on the animals gum lining. If the plaque is not removed it can actually enter the pet's bloodstream and create all sorts of health issues from kidney diseases to heart and lung issues. Its important to remember how alike animals are to humans. Even humans can get sick from tooth decay and oral issues and its rare, but they can die from toxins going into the bloodstream. There’s no reason to doubt that pets aren’t equally as fragile.

Brushing At Home

Beyond just making sure your furry friend is taken to a veterinarian for tooth care and preventative care, you should also make sure you clean their teeth at home. You can use a regular dog toothbrush or a finger toothbrush – whatever works best for you and the animal. You should also only be using pet toothpaste. Fluoride which is an ingredient in many human kinds of toothpaste is poisonous for your pets.

Signs You Need To See A Veterinarian

The signs that might be present are pretty easy to notice. Again, animals really aren’t that much different from humans. They will definitely let you know when they are in pain or uncomfortable. But, some specific signs to look out for:

- Bloody Saliva
- Head Shyness – If they usually like getting their head or ears rubbed and suddenly they don’t want you to, this could be a sign they are in pain.
- Red or bloody gums, red or bloody chew toys, treats, bones, etc.
- Bad breath
- Crying, whining or any vocalization when they are eating, drinking or chewing on treats or toys.
- Sneezing. This might seem like a normal thing. Animals and humans sneeze all the time. But, if you notice a definite influx in sneezing or rapid sneezing it also could be a sign that they're having tooth issues or that advanced gum disease is underway.

Your pet should be getting frequent check-ups at the dentist. If you love your animal and you want your pet to be with you for years to come, the best place to start is their mouth. By visiting the dentist every few months you can significantly lower the chance of oral issues and in turn, allow your animal to live a long and happy life with you by their side.

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