Trupanion launches Trupanion Express

Posted by Halifax Veterinary Hospital Blogging Team on Fri, Apr 27, 2018 @ 01:29 PM

Trupanion Express has changed the old pet insurance model by introducing instant online claims and direct payments to veterinary hospitals. The unique web-based application makes it possible to submit claims online in seconds, eliminating paperwork, large upfront costs and reimbursements for your clients.

We love Trupanion Express because, we can deliver exceptional medical care for pets and with the immediate pay direct this reduces the stress for the pet owner as their out of pocket costs are reduced to a small portion of the total cost of the services, this is  especially important when discussing more extensive illness or injury.

As pet owners you'll love Trupanion Express as well because it allows you to provide the best pet health care without the hassles of paperwork.

Watch this short video to see what makes Trupanion a truly innovative medical insurance for cats and dogs, not just pet insurance.



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