Position Statement on Onychectomies (de-claw)

Halifax Veterinary Hospital Inc. Position Statement on Onychectomies (de-claw)

Due to the long term side effects, chronic pain and arthritis as well as physiological anddeclaw psychological changes associated with the de-claw procedure; the staff at Fairview Animal Hospital, Halifax Veterinary Hospital and Spryfield Animal Hospital will not perform the onychectomy procedure. This procedure will be reserved as a last effort for patients with chronically debilitating or life threatening disease processes.

While the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association and the Nova Scotia Veterinary Medical Association have not prohibited this procedure, we pride ourselves in being leaders in veterinary medicine and have consistently demonstrated advanced ethical standards. For example, we have declined the services of euthanasia of healthy animals, cropping/docking and de-barking procedures long before veterinary governing boards have taken a position. This is our initiative as it is in our nature to provide above standard care and decline unethical procedures.

In place of the de-claw procedure we recommend positive reinforcement training and environmental modification and management.

We've put together a document that gives you declaw options.  Download it here.  

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