International Travel with Your Pet

Travelling Internationally? 

Your first step is to get the list of requirements for you travel from a Canadian Food Inspection Agency Veterinarian. We recommend reaching out to either Dr. Shane Hood or Dr. Matthew Crooker if you live in the HRM. They will be able to provide you with a list of all the information and documentation you will need to provide us with to help us prepare your pet for travel. 

Contact info for Dr. Shane Hood                                       Contact info for Dr. Matthew Crooker 

Phone: 902-365-8665                                                             Phone: 902-365-8573       

Email:                                   Email:

*Email is the best way to reach either of them as they will need to email you the requirements and paperwork*


When you travel internationally with your pet there are many rules and regulations in place by border authorities. The process can be tricky; these tips are designed to help your travel go as smooth and as easy as possible.

It’s important for you to know exactly what will be required in terms of paperwork and vaccinations to get your pet into other countries. Most countries have their own specific requirements in this area, so keeping track of them all is nearly impossible - unless it’s your job to do exactly that. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency employs Dr. Shane Hood and Dr. Matthew Crooker as the veterinarians who oversee the international pet travel process. As well as knowing the general process, they are well versed in the associated rules and regulations when travelling with pets, depending on the country. When you decide to travel with your pet, make contacting either of these veterinarians your first goal. They will be able to provide you with a list of all the information and documentation you will need to provide us with to help us prepare your pet for travel.

Once you have all the steps identified, please contact any one of our offices: Fairview Animal HospitalHalifax Veterinary Hospital or Spryfield Animal Hospital, to book an International Travel Exam. This exam is a 30-minute consultation with a veterinarian to review your pet’s vaccination status and if need be, administer the required vaccines. As well, this time allows for the veterinarian to fill out the documents you need to travel with your pet. The cost of this consultation depends on whether or not your pet requires vaccinations prior to leaving Canada. The costs vary depending on what is required for your pet's consultation, including any vaccinations or laboratory work. Please contact one of our clinics today, and we would be more than happy to assess the costs for you!

For the smoothest process follow these steps when working with us to get your pet travel ready

When you call to book the appointment with us:

  • We will ask if you have been in touch with Dr. Shane Hood from CFIA to get all the instructions and forms you need. His number is 902-365-8665.  The address is 491 Main Street, Federal Building, Room 103, Kentville, Nova Scotia B4N 1K9. Or Dr Matthew Crooker 902 – 365- 8573 Kentville Animal Health Office
  • We will ask if the animal is or needs to be microchipped
  • We need to know if the animal needs its rabies updated *
  • We need to know what deworming product you are using
  • We need to know when you are leaving
  • We will remind you that you need to schedule time with Dr. Hood for him to sign off on the paperwork once our exam is performed
  • We ask that you bring in the travel forms, proof of microchipping (if it has already been done) and the vaccine records prior to the appointment with us to allow us to fill out as much of the forms as possible before your visit.
  • It may be useful to make copies of the blank travel forms in case errors are made or a copy is needed for any reason.
  • If you, the owner, fill out any of the fields on the form, please ensure you use ONLY BLUE INK as no other colour will be accepted.

*If a rabies vaccine was given in 2014 and the animal was microchipped in 2015 the rabies will need to be repeated as the rabies vaccine needs to be given after the microchip to be considered valid for travel*

We are always happy to help answer any questions you may have, or direct you to the right place to find the answer.