Careers with Halifax Veterinary Hospitals

We pride ourselves on the strength of our team and our ability to have fun in the workplace.  The success of our practice is due to our staff of dedicated individuals who are compassionate and caring to both the pets as well as their owners! In addition to a very committed staff we often have co-op, students, or vet related programs and externships, placement and volunteer opportunities in all three clinics.

We may not always be hiring, but we do keep resumes on file in case we are looking for someone to join our team in the future. We offer a competitive salary with excellent benefits. Full and part-time positions may be available.  We welcome resumes with cover letters by email to We unfortunately cannot accept volunteers unless they are part of a school co-op program. 


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The Co-op job placement is an educational program offered through the local high schools; it gives students the opportunity to work part-time in one of our three clinics. We support the high school’s co-op program by giving students, interested in a becoming a veterinarian or veterinary technician, an opportunity to gain practical experience.

All co-op placement opportunities must be organized by the student guidance counsellor, the guidance counsellor can contact on the students behalf.  

Students are treated with the same respect and expectations as all of our employees. In return, we expect students to display the same sense of responsibility, professionalism and enthusiasm for this job as their co-workers. Students begin by learning how to perform such cleaning duties as laundry, dishes, vacuuming, mopping and washing floors to ensure the hospital is always maintained in an orderly and presentable manner.

Students will also have the opportunity to observe many of the activities in the hospital that they are not yet trained to participate in, giving them a sense of what their future career may be like. If you are a high school student and wish to participate in the co-op program please contact your high school guidance counsellor. We will expect a resume with a cover letter and an interview with the student before accepting the co-op placement.

Volunteer Position

We value our community involvement and recognizes that there are many young people that share the same love of animals that we do. Knowing this, we are pleased to offer volunteer opportunities at the clinic. In return, we expect students to display the same sense of responsibility, professionalism and enthusiasm for this job as their co-workers. 

These opportunities are limited to students studying science in pre-vet programs.

We are an equal opportunity employer. Due to the large volume of resumes we receive, you will only be contacted if you are required to come in to the hospital for an interview. Your application will be kept on file and you will be considered for positions which arises, suitable to your background and qualifications.  Please ensure that if you have any changes to your address, phone number, or qualifications, you resubmit an updated resume